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Life In A Productions House

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Life In A Productions House

This is certainly one of my most favorite topic on which I can probably talk for days or even write a novel, but that does not signify that its an interesting topic ,Life In A Productions House it’s a journey as an entrepreneur where you have to hustle everyday. The stream of work is such that most of your time goes into servicing clients or servicing your own team because you need both of these to keep the ball rolling.
Life In A Productions House, It all started as a dream in 2015, after quitting a glorified job in an Advertising agency as Business Head, one day I decided to tread my own path and decided to become a film maker, but was never aware of challenges which I was about to face.
Year 1/ Semester 1 : the feel is so great that everyday you wake up and you feel so motivated that finally you have made it through and you are about to change the eco system. You are going to create some amazing films and the world will identify you among legends. But in reality the life was not that great, as every day use to pass the feeling of motivation was turning into burden as film making is a process that an individual can not do alone and the team can not be equally motivated like you are because for them it again is a job, they wait for their pay cheques every month and that’s about it. 3 months gone and nothing concrete, and cash was burning like a storm well that’s when you collect every thing again and decide to tweak very thing and give it a new shape.

Year 1/ Semester 3 : Semester 2 needs no mention as it was almost the same as semester 1 except few team members left and few other tragic events which need no mention here . Semester 3 came with sigh of relief when we got our first client PVR cinemas, yes a giant like PVR Cinemas was working with us and they gave us a huge project of giving shape to their PVR Academy and create training content completely in Video format. Life In A Productions House We were so kicked with this opportunity as it did not only offered money but the self respect which we were struggling to find for last 6 months. The project went really well and last for entire quarter and we had no time for any remorse or de motivation any more.

Year 2/ Semester 3 : Now we were getting regular calls for business, though the volume was not very great but satisfying enough to keep the ball rolling and every one was getting paid on time and yes the team was also growing with god speed. By now we were 11 people with almost every thing in house except a sound engineer and trust me I will not hesitate in saying I was very proud of my team. By Now we had 3 consistent clients and we were most of time busy, then came another blow, one of our client denied to pay us due to demonetization as their business was heavily reliant on cash transactions and it was like a murder to us, being a startup with 14 people to pay every month and other utility bills to take care we were no where in a condition for loss and all of a sudden things appeared that the story is about to end. We got so hopeless that most of us had no clue what to do and I personally went into depression, next 2 months there was no business and but like we had no choice but to go on as quitting is not even an option, we thrived hard, worked longer hours and finally we got back on track.

Year 3 / semester 4 : which I am writing this blog, we are sitting on semester 4th of 3rd year and I am relaxed and happy with the way we progressed so far. Today we are 30+ strong member team, and in last 1000 days we have worked with more than 30 clients and more over more than 50% of them we have got repeat business. The beauty that I would love to share here is that even after 3 years we do not have even a single sales person on board and all the work that comes to us is through referral or organically through our social foot prints.

Like I said in the beginning, I can go on and on for days while talking about this journey but unfortunately time is less as I have to get on a client call to discuss a new brief but I will come back soon and update the events very soon. And if you want to hear the complete story of Life In A Productions House all the semesters then feel free to ask me.

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